Microsoft Mobile Momentum


Is that an iPhone in my 3rd place spot?…seems to be slowing.

Figures released last week show that for the first time, iPhone sales have been higher than Windows Mobile based phone sales. Gartner reports that Apple took a 12.9% stake in the market in Q3, ahead of Microsoft with 11.1%. Both Nokia and Blackberry were ahead with 49.8% and 15.9% respectively.

Canalys report similar trends, although slightly different numbers (Apple with 17.3% market share ahead of Blackberry!)

Note, that these figures are based on current sales for the last quarter, and don’t indicate total % of all devices (since there’s still lots of devices from previous quarters out there), but the trend is undeniable (despite what Steve Ballmer may have thought 18 months ago (see half way down the article)).

(Links: SeattlePI and here)

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By Craig Bailey