Google Sky

Google’s freshly released Google Sky is nice. But having seen the demos for the upcoming Microsoft World Wide Telescope I can’t help but be under-whelmed. btw when in Google Sky try clicking on Earth (from the Solar System link, bottom left) – it takes you to Google Maps…
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New version of OutTwit released

For all those people using OutTwit as your Twitter client (it basically brings Twitter into Outlook), you’ll be interested I’m sure to get the latest version (released yesterday). The best things about this release ( is that it pulls in all your replies. So, even if you’re offline for a few hours, once you reconnect it pulls in the replies that you would have otherwise...

Elcom upgrade of Microsoft CRM 3.0 to 4.0

Brad Marsh has a few screenshots of our upgrade experience from Microsoft CRM 3.0 to 4.0 Summary: it went extremely well. My comment: CRM 4.0 seems to be slower than 3.0 but since it’s running on an old server, it was expected (new server infrastructure coming in the next few weeks – Yay!). Overall, no real problems. Our CRM scenario is pretty standard with only a few customizations...

Is the Tipping Point Toast? Who cares?

It's been blogged to death I know, but I wanted to link to it anyway. Article: Is the Tipping Point toast? My answer: Who cares? And with that in mind, why an I even linking to it? Here's a summary for people who couldn't be bothered reading it all: Malcolm Gladwell's famous book makes a big point about key influencers. Duncan Watts, a network-theory scientist from Columbia...

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