Search as an Experience

It’s easy to think of search (ie searching on Google or Bing) as simply a (boring) research activity. And in turn, to think that all the innovation in search is about providing a ‘better’ result. But what does ‘better’ mean when it comes to search? Joseph Pine’s TED talk on what consumers want is a good insight into how the search game is changing (and hat tip to Michael Gray for the link and...

Bing Finance and Data

Bing’s new Finance updates are nice. I guess. Here’s a search for ‘msft’ on Bing.   Click on the Investor Data button and you’ll see this: Yep, that’s a charting error. But let’s assume that little issue will be resolved soon (and it may even be something on my machine – there’s a bit of beta stuff installed I have to admit). Clicking on OK gets us to the details: A nice layout and links to...

adCenter versus AdWords

The true test of any company, product or service is in their Christmas message right? (I’m joking). So let’s consider how Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords stack up against each other. I spend a fair bit of money with each, so it’s reasonable to expect something useful in the Inbox at Christmas time. Microsoft AdCenter First up, Microsoft adCenter. Here’s the message I received a few days...

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