Bing Finance and Data


Bing’s new Finance updates are nice. I guess. Here’s a search for ‘msft’ on Bing.

 MSFT on Bing

Click on the Investor Data button and you’ll see this:

Bing Charting error

Yep, that’s a charting error. But let’s assume that little issue will be resolved soon (and it may even be something on my machine – there’s a bit of beta stuff installed I have to admit). Clicking on OK gets us to the details:

MSFT investor data on Bing

A nice layout and links to the relevant analysis I’m interested in. You can click through to more details on MSN Money.

Here’s a comparison with the Google experience:

MSFT on Google

Clicking through to Google Finance gives this:

MSFT on Google Finance

The big difference is the charting abilities. You can compare stocks, indexes and timeframes very simply. I much prefer the Google interface.

Finally, though a lament at the lack of localised updates. The Bing shots above are based on me choosing US as the location. Searching as an Australian, here’s all I see:MSFT on Bing Australia

No Investor data, Yahoo Finance gets the top billing and even the sponsored results are lame.


By Craig Bailey