Google Turning 25

Do you remember your first time using Google search?

I do. Even after all these years. It was amazing.

Hard to believe that was 25 years ago.

Google My Business reviews are getting reviewed

Times are changing – as reported by the BBC back in February this year (2020): An Australian court has ordered Google to identify the person behind an anonymous bad review of a dentist.BBC and Justice Bernard Murphy ruled that… …had grounds to pursue a defamation case and that Google was “likely to have or have had control of a document or thing that would help ascertain...

Google Algorithm September 2019 Core Update

Just thought I’d mark this here, since I like to look back and see what I was thinking about in years prior.

This time it was Google rolling out a broad algorithm update – calling it the September 2019 Core Update.

As usual, Twitter is where all the discussion is.

Dejan Marketing

Fascinating experiment going on by Dan (here’s the background) after his recent Google penalty.

Here’s his ongoing update on what’s happening.

Bonus: More ads

Not sure if this is real or doctored, but it’s pretty funny – and also spot on in terms of the ‘experience’ that Google (especially on mobile) is heading to. via Valentin Pletzer. It reminds me of when The Onion was taking the piss out of men’s razor blades – Google seems to be doing the same thing with their ad coverage: fuck everything we’re going to 5...

Surfacing podcast episodes in Google

Good news for podcasters (of which I am one), with Google tweaking things in order to highlight individual podcast episodes more relevantly for search queries. Note: To pull off the search indexing, Google is automatically transcribing all the podcast episodes it finds. And also note: This new functionality could fundamentally change how people find new shows because podcasts have lacked...

Australia to create a special branch of the ACCC to scrutinise how Facebook and Google use algorithms to match ads to viewers

Sorry for the long headline, but it’s required in order to actually explain what is happening. Otherwise, from other sources (like Reuters and Fast Company), you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Australian Government was going to force Google to hand over their search algorithm (Spoiler alert: that is never, ever going to happen). Instead, the real story is they want to check how...

Alexa, Siri, Google allow opt out of human listening

Not before time (via Bloomberg): Inc. will let Alexa users opt out of human review of their voice recordings, a move that follows criticism that the program violated customers’ privacy. emphasis mine Apple has actioned this just recently, and Google has (in EU at least) as well. Still not right that people can opt out (ie they need to take the initiative) – this should be an...

Bye Bye Nacho

Very thorough analysis of the Nacho Analytics demise by Ars Technica (a reminder of what good investigative tech journalism looks like btw). If you’re not familiar with the whole situation, here’s the summary: Chrome Browser extensions (perhaps deceptively) get your permission to track everything you do (recording URLs you visit, content that is on the page etc) and then on-sell that...