Bye Bye Nacho


Very thorough analysis of the Nacho Analytics demise by Ars Technica (a reminder of what good investigative tech journalism looks like btw).

If you’re not familiar with the whole situation, here’s the summary:

Chrome Browser extensions (perhaps deceptively) get your permission to track everything you do (recording URLs you visit, content that is on the page etc) and then on-sell that ‘data’ to companies such as Nacho Analytics, who in turn massage it into ‘insight’.

I’ve had a number of friends and clients ask me about this over the last few months (due to admittedly very good marketing from Nacho) and it had always puzzled me how this kind of service could be accurate, and legal.

Turns out it wasn’t particularly accurate, and whilst technically legal, the window is closing on these kinds of misleading activities. Good riddance.

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