SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 – first thoughts

OK, so it takes an eternity to install, and is slow to run (slower than I’d expect for a Beta 2), but this new version is damn hot. I’ve only had a few hours to play with it over the last week, so this is my initial thoughts. Everything is in one place – the SQL Server Management Studio – and it is layed out in a familiar interface. Think Solutions in Visual Studio or...

InfoPath 2003, VS2005

A few notes if you are playing with these:
InfoPath 2003 – make sure you download SP1 (I couldn’t find it on the public site, but MSDN subscribers can get it)

Visual Studio 2005 Beta – you may have been told it is fine to install side by side with VS2003, but be careful: Sharon, in our team, experienced problems with pages that use validator controls. The controls no longer work.

How much preparation for a demo?

It was interesting to read Greg Low’s notes on his TechEd keynote demo with Eric Rudder. It is easy to think people get on stage and ad lib through a demo they whipped up a few minutes prior. We all know this never happens and it is always the most prepared presentations that come across as the best. There must be some maxim along the lines of ‘the more preparation, the less it looks...

Melbourne Visual FoxPro User Group

The Melbourne VFP User Group is starting up again.
I will be posting further details in due course. In the interim if you want contact details please email me or leave me a comment.

Using Visual FoxPro

I read Andrew MacNeill’s article from last year again. I think he’s right on a lot of points. VFP is great for some applications, but not for everything. Most IT Managers I speak to want to know our .Net strategy (we have a strong .Net strategy on the web side, but if its desktop database apps then VFP is still the tool of choice) but at the end of the day they just want the job done...

MapPoint denied

I want to write a quick MapPoint app. But you need to sign up with Microsoft for the free Web Service trial. Which I did. But after registering I was informed it takes 2 business days before my login ID is sent out. Why can’t this be automated? I can’t do anything until next week now.

Finished The Rule of Four

I finished reading The Rule of Four.
If you are expecting The Da Vinci Code (as I was) then you will be a little disappointed. It is a better written book, but it is not a page turner like TDVC was. However, you’ll like it if, like me, you enjoyed Focault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco.