SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 – first thoughts


OK, so it takes an eternity to install, and is slow to run (slower than I’d expect for a Beta 2), but this new version is damn hot. I’ve only had a few hours to play with it over the last week, so this is my initial thoughts.

Everything is in one place – the SQL Server Management Studio – and it is layed out in a familiar interface. Think Solutions in Visual Studio or Projects in VFP and you’re comfortable.

Existing databases in 2000 are manageable using Studio with no side effects that I have noticed (obviously I haven’t tried using new features on old databases that I still need to maintain in 2000). And I love the new help system (apart from the speed) – try doing one of the Tutorials.

Managing tables and stored procedures together is very handy. To be fair you could do this in SQL Enterprice Manager, but who did? It was painful – I always used Query Analyser. And keeping the code together in solutions is much easier to maintain. I wonder if there is any source control? OK, time to check that out now…

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By Craig Bailey