Apple App Store Personalisation Opportunity


Full marks to Apple for being seasonally aware and promoting apps related to Chinese New Year:

iPhone App Store Featured Apps

But I can’t help wondering if there’s a massive opportunity they’ve missed.

I don’t speak Chinese, I’ve never shown any interest in Chinese apps, and nothing in my past activity would suggest an interest in Chinese Apps.

Apple has no idea about me it seems. Google would be all over this and only promoting apps I’m a fit for. Facebook would be even better.

Part of the issue is Apple’s (admirable) Privacy stance – whereby they limit information they collect on me.

But this is also a user experience annoyance they are adding.

All that space wasted on apps that I can’t use and have no interest in is a big opportunity.

Apple should at least be able to personalise some app recommendations based on my App ‘purchase’ history and wishlist items.

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By Craig Bailey