Amazon versus Book Depository


This is why I always use Book Depository these days.

Book Depository is more expensive for the books themselves, but Amazon totally fucks you over with the shipping. And their shipping timeframes are ridiculous too (4 weeks to ship a book, seriously?)

Book Depository total for 3 books: $72.20

Amazon total for 3 books: $127.18

Book Depository:
Book Depository Total

Amazon total

btw worth mentioning that buying through these sellers was the only option available for two of the books.

Also worth noting that those crazy shipping prices were only revealed on the final page of the checkout. Here’s what the pricing looks like when selecting the book (and I was logged in when doing this, so Amazon knows where I live):
Amazon selection BS

Summary: I love Book Depository

UPDATE: Have just been informed that Amazon owns Book Depository – which just makes this even worse. ie they have the infrastructure in place to make this better, but haven’t bothered to. Crazy.


  • Hello Craig. Your post on Amazon Vs Book Depository is very helpful to me and I appreciate your advice. I heard that Amazon will be setting up here in Australia in nxt few years and that may cut shipping prices on books. Meanwhile I’ll stick with Book Depository.
    All the best to you from,

  • Craig,

    I have ordering books from BD for the last 7 years as well. No doubt the shipping and timelines are great. When I want more detailed info. regarding the book itself I read it on Amazon. To buy it, only BD. Amazon indeed is always more expensive. Too bad Amazon gobbled up BD.

By Craig Bailey