AI and Legal


A few related AI articles.

First up, Reuters reporting that a trade group for US authors is suing OpenAI, accusing the company of unlawfully training ChatGPT on authors’ books. The report is catching attention because the authors represented include John Grisham, Michael Connolly and George R. R. Martin:

“The complaint said ChatGPT generated accurate summaries of the authors’ books when prompted, indicating that their text is included in its database.”


(I’m assuming the claim is substantiated, as opposed to using plot summaries from Wikipedia etc.)

Second though, TechCrunch is reporting that a company has raised $35M for an AI tool that looks for people to sue:

“Darrow has developed an AI-based data engine that ingests large amounts of publicly available documents to search for class action litigation potential across areas like data privacy violations and environmental contamination…”


I wonder how they trained their model… how delicious if it turns out they used data they didn’t have legal rights to and end being sued themselves down the line.

What a time to be alive.

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By Craig Bailey