You’re on the waitlist


Kinda strange how some companies start promoting a new product, get you excited and then after you signup they tell you you’re on the waitlist.

Worse, they then hit you with an email followup sequence that typically:

  • congratulates you for being on the waitlist
  • promises to advance you on the waitlist if you tweet about them
  • tells you about the founders and what their hopes are for the product
  • gives you ‘background’ on the product development
  • promises they’ll be in touch soon
  • tells you to stay tuned for more exciting updates


  • they promised you one thing
  • but didn’t deliver that
  • instead annoyed you with useless emails
  • and even worse, asked you to do them a favour and tweet about them.

They provided no value. And yet asked for something.

Someone, somewhere thought this was a good idea for ‘building a list’ – so they could have a ready made audience to promote their product to once it was ready.

Perhaps this old school approach still works – I’m not sure.
But if so, it won’t for long.

People hate this crap.

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By Craig Bailey