WordPress and SEO



How time flies :-)

I’ve been meaning to post these for months now – they’re sessions on SEO and WordPress I’ve presented at various User Group meetings this year.

First off, here’s the notes from my IIS SEO toolkit presentation at SWUG back in February. The slides are pretty simple, so I recommend reading my complete review of the IIS SEO Toolkit (from my XEN SEO site).
[drain file 15 show download_left]

And for a quick overview of SEO tips, here’s a 10 Thing in 10 Minutes mini-session on SEO – with just the basics.
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Next is my Introduction to WordPress presentation from March at SBTUG when we had our Sydney WordPress Event. This includes an overview of WordPress, lots of links, recommended resources, hosting, themes and plug-ins as well as examples of integration with other products. For more WordPress resources check out my Resources page.
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Finally my WordPress SEO session from the same night. This covers recommended plug-ins specifically with regard to SEOing your WordPress site. For a general introduction to SEO on WordPress check out my SEO for Bloggers page.
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