Where do birds go when they die?


I’ve often wondered why I don’t often see dead birds – and especially now that we’ve moved and our apartments is surrounded by lovely birds all the time.

Turns out the answer is sad, and beautiful, thanks to Marie Hulett’s post from 2014.

In summary, from Marie’s post:

Generally, animals sense when they are not doing well, and seek out well-concealed, off-the-beaten-path locations to hide and convalesce.

and then:

When sick or injured birds do not survive, their bodies remain hidden. Attracted by the smell of decay, scavengers of all kinds quickly begin cleaning up. Insects, microscopic organisms, and carrion-eaters make short order of the very digestible avian remains. The earth itself will use elements of the decomposing carcasses to replenish nutrients in the soil, which will in turn enhance plant growth in the immediate area. The cycle of life continues in this way; nature wastes nothing.

Worth reading here for the full, beautiful explanation.

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By Craig Bailey