VSTO: Harry Miller and the VSTO glasses


When I first started viewing this video by Harry Miller (on the Microsoft VSTO team) I started to cringe. It seemed a little over the top (and probably clashed with my general sense of Australian humour – sadly to be funny in Australia you usually need to be crude, critical or self-deprecating – just saying…)

But by the time it had finished he’d won me over. The reason I really like it is because 1. It’s short – less than 2 minutes, and 2. It makes a really useful point (how to avoid automatic upgrade of Office 2003 VSTO solutions to your version (ie 2007) of office.

And there’s another reason:  it’s a reminder of the power of video: not only does it convey concepts well, but you remember stuff. So, whilst I love reading Sara Ford’s tips, I have to admit that a day or so later I’ve forgotten most of them (aside: that’s reason alone why her new book is on my must-buy list). But with Harry’s tip, I reckon there’s a good chance I’ll have remembered this one in a week or so. (Btw watch this latest video of his and then check out the ‘related’ videos that Soapbox recommends – there’s an algorithm needs tweaking…)

For those of you who won’t be watching the 1 min 49 sec video, it basically shows why you need to know about this setting:


Now, where’s my VSTO glasses…

(via Beth Massi)

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By Craig Bailey