VFP: SP2 and the wonderful Fox community


So it was around 7pm tonight (Friday) and I am about to head home from work. A quick scan of the blogs heralds the availability of SP2 CTP for Visual FoxPro 9.

You ripper. Michele is out tonight, so what better way to entertain myself than playing with the latest Sedna CTP and checking the SP2 CTP…

The Sedna CTP installs fine, but SP2 throws in the towel with a ‘cannot find vs_setup.msi’ error. Bummer. A quick search on google returns only non-applicable stuff, and the MSDN connect forum is less than helpful (more on that in another post). So I pop a note on Universal Thread, expecting little to turn up in the next few days (the CTP was only released today afterall).

But, and hence the title of this post, within a few hours, Bo Durban has pointed me to the solution. And yes, ofcourse, Craig Boyd is the provider of the solution (you need to copy vs_setup.msi from your VFP CD into a directory on your machine btw). By this time I am home and wondering how I’m gonna get my hands on the VFP CD. Thankfully I have a copy on my server here at home and within minutes it is all installed.

Yet another reason why I love the Fox community.

Summary: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 CTP is available (here), but you will likely need to follow Craig Boyd’s instructions here to install it. Craig Boyd has a great run down of the initial changes in the Sedna CTP.

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By Craig Bailey