VFP: New OzFox 2007 site + extended special price


We’ve updated the OzFox 2007 site (check it out here) – hope you like it.

There’s a few more details appearing about sessions (try here), and an enhanced call for local speakers (here) with the prize being a free registration to OzFox!

You can also subscribe to the OzFox newsletter (I’ll be sending that out later), but if you’ve attended previously (or shown interest) then I’ll have you on the newsletter list anyway.

Best of all is the extended Opening month special (register here) until 17 December 2006.

(And to those of you registered in November – there’s a special extra benefit coming your way. Why? Because we want to reward you for registering early – it can be annoying when you make the effort to register before the deadline and then the event organisers extend the deadline! So we want to thank you for registering early.)

And if you are keen to help promote OzFox then plese consider putting one of these logos (here) on your web site or blog.

I'll be at OzFox 2007 I'll be at OzFox 2007

I'll be at OzFox 2007 I'll be at OzFox 2007

Got a question or suggestion? Please drop me a comment.

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By Craig Bailey