VFP: FoxPro User Group speakers to be given prizes?


One of the great things about an event like OzFox Lite is that you get to see how talented some of our local Fox developers are. What a shame we don’t see more of them speaking at user groups. In fact, what a shame we don’t have more user groups!
So, let me remind you (and I am directing this primarily at the Australian Fox community) that Andrew Coates said he would organise Microsoft support for anyone who made the effort to start a FoxPro user group. Sydney and Melbourne have user groups going already, so now the call is out for Fox User Groups in Brisbane (Vic, we need you mate), Adelaide (Sid – is this going to be your baby?) and Perth (Larry – you da man!).
And as an incentive to bring out the great speakers lying dormant in the community I am working with Andrew to get prizes for anyone who gives a presentation at a Fox user group… stay tuned!
C’mon Australia let’s get the Surge happening! Next will be New Zealand (Tyron, are you ready…)

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By Craig Bailey