How to Trim the Start of a Song in iTunes


If you want to cut the start of a song in iTunes, follow these steps:

  1. In iTunes, right-click on the song
  2. Select ‘Get Info’
  3. Choose the ‘Options’ tab
  4. Enter a new ‘Start time’, eg 0:15 if you want to cut out the first 15 seconds.

Thanks to Get Organized Wizard for this handy tip: How to Cut an Annoying Intro out of a Song

And if you don’t like something at the end of a track? Then change the ‘Stop Time’ in step 4.


  • Any idea why the length of a song changes in iTunes when I click song info and adjust the title, name or remove artwork? And if so, know of any ways to change it beyond the above?

    • I’m experiencing a similar glitch where in iTunes will play the entire song but it does not end. The track length is 50% longer than it should be, and for good reason: it restarts the song halfway through, tagged right onto the end. Looks to be a unique problem, not seeing a large occurrence in my Google searches. And the description of the error is too lengthy to yield better search results. I’m stuck. Any guidance would be appreciated

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