TRAVEL: New York is safe


One of the things that pleasantly surprised us about New York last week, is how safe you feel. If you are like me (ie ill-informed most of the time {g}) and haven’t been to New York recently, then you probably still have visions of the crime ridded New York of a decade ago. Well that has drastically changed ofcourse in the last 8-10 years (and long before 9/11 in case you might have thought that was the catalyst). The reason I mention this is because a number of family and friends warned us about being careful in New York (ie they had the same incorrect impression I did).

So, to be clear: New York is incredibly safe – there is a very strong police presence all over Manhattan, and we didn’t have a single issue (nothing even remotely worrying) the whole time – even though we were returning home on the subway and walking around dark streets late at night on a number of occasions.

(Note: our New York experience is limited to Manhattan island only)

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By Craig Bailey