The Junk Food Remedy


I’ve mentioned this previously elsewhere, but thought I’d note it here because it seems to work :-)

Back at the start of July I could feel I was coming down with a cold. Normally at that point I’d be dosing up on the Vitamin C, echinacea, garlic and trying to eat super healthy. But on this occassion I decided to try my new ‘junk food remedy’. It basically amounts to eating tons of junk food with lots of salt, sugar and fat. eg at the time I promptly polished off an entire bag of CCs.

Here’s my thinking:

  1. In the past when I’ve been coming down with a cold, I’ve pretty much always got sick anyway – it’s been too late for the vitamins and healthy stuff to help.
  2. Using the ‘when you’re stressed you don’t get sick’ rationale (you know, when you’ve got a big project to deliver your body keeps going until you finally finish it – sometimes a week or two longer – before getting sick when you finally relax). By piling in the junk food I reckon my body is going to go into shock and stress mode, and keep me from getting sick.
  3. Psychologically I’m going to trick myself… sometimes when you are coming down with a cold, mentally you feel it and just assume it’s going to happen. You almost will it to happen. But after piling in the junk food, I know I’m going to feel crap – so when I wake up tomorrow feeling really bad, mentally I’m just going to tell myself it’s all due to the junk food. I’m not sick, I’m just blah from all those Big Macs. Mentally I’m winning the war against the cold. Yes, ‪#‎winning‬.

I think I’ll use it regularly whenever I can feel the onset of a cold… feel free to incorporate into your health routines also.

For April Fools next year I think I’ll announce a complete bogus study that proves its effectiveness. To all the junk food companies who’d like to use the ‘results’ in their next marketing promotion, you have my number.



By Craig Bailey