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It was remiss of me in my last post not to mention the two inspirators (inspirational people) behind the TechEd Live concept.
The first ofcourse is Paul Stovell, with his TechEd Session Picker (see him at TechEd doing a Dev Cabana session) – he definately got the momentum going.
The second is Bill McCarthy with his TechEd 2006 Picker (see him doing the joint Cabana session with Paul above). Although arriving on the scene after Paul, it is not exactly clear who started the process first – it seems as though Bill may have been waiting for a go-live directive from Chuck.
Both of these guy’s apps will export their schedule to a vCal file which you can then easily import into TechEd Live when you register (note you must do it when registering – currently it doesn’t support import after registration!).
So, you have 5 options for getting your schedule onto TechEd Live:
1. Manually set your sessions on the TechEd Live site
2. Export vCal from Bill’s app
3. Export vCal from Paul’s app
4. Export vCal from my TechEd Control app
5. Publish directly from my TechEd Control app
What ever method you use, just make sure you don’t miss out on a single session time slot – there is just far too much goodness to be had.

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By Craig Bailey