Team System Web site clean up


Visual StudioI’ve always liked how the Team System team work hard to provide details on what they’re up to. This is becoming more the norm on Microsoft assets (just check out the great job Beth Massi has been doing on the VSTO site for example), and so I shouldn’t be surprised to see just how serious they see simple things like content management to be. as Jeff Beehler notes, the Team System team have hired a dedicated web site manager for the Team System site. Sharon Elkins is the lucky person, and she blogs here about what her plans for the site are. Here’s the Team System community site, featuring everyone’s favorite defacto Aussie: Chuck Sterling.

Why would I write a post about this? Simply because I feel that the best way Microsoft can widely reach developers is by providing consistently high quality, easily discoverable, up-to-date content. Forget all those events and outreach extravaganzas – the best way to engage with developers is from a Google search result. More on my thinking on this in a future post.

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By Craig Bailey