Insight into how Microsoft do daily stand-ups (Scrum meetings)

It’s always interesting to see how other people do things. Which is why I really like this video of the Microsoft TFS Agile team doing a daily stand-up. Adam Cogan was able to shoot a quick video with the team whilst visiting them recently. There’s a short version and a long version (embedded below) based on his rules about daily stand-ups. It’s worth watching the full 12 minute...

Links: TFS + Git, .NET Performance Testing

Some interesting resources noticed recently.
Richard Banks has a writeup about getting Git and TFS Working Together.
Meanwhile Paul Glavich has a nice 180 page free download about .net performance testing and optimisation. It’s part 1 of a new book he’s writing. Download available here.

TFS Basic 2010 – Team Foundation Server

I missed this little announcement about ‘TFS Basic’ a few weeks back, but luckily Adam Cogan alerted me to it during one of our recent walks (can you tell where we stopped for lunch :-) ). The news came from Brian Harry originally, but you could be forgiven for missing it since his blog post was extensive (that’s a good thing!) and covered a history of SourceSafe before mentioning TFS Basic...

Team System Web site clean up

I’ve always liked how the Team System team work hard to provide details on what they’re up to. This is becoming more the norm on Microsoft assets (just check out the great job Beth Massi has been doing on the VSTO site for example), and so I shouldn’t be surprised to see just how serious they see simple things like content management to be. as Jeff Beehler notes, the Team System team have...

Microsoft’s TFS dogfooding continues

There's a few things I'm really liking about Microsoft of late. One is how much effort they are putting into products like TFS to make them truly amazing products. The second is how they are being transparent about so much of it. Take for example their work on TFS. This beast of a product is powering almost all their internal development (only a few teams remain – according to a Joe...

TFS 2008 on Windows 2008

Seems to be working fine (according to Etienne), but with some manual steps required.
Brian Harry explains why. As Brian notes, this was a fresh install of W2K8, and the real pain will come when upgrading from W2K3.
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Latest TFS Times

As Brian Harry notes, the latest version of the TFS Times is available. Great reading for those wanting to stay up to date with Team Foundation Server happenings.
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TFS Power Tools for TFS 2008 delivered for Christmas

Brian Harry announces the release of the TFS 3008 Power Tools. Download here. There's a new MSSCCI provider too. (But not the Data Dude tools – they're coming later.)
The TFS team is on fire lately.
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TFS dog fooding and memory issue admissions

It's always good to see a company use their own product, and when it comes to TFS Microsoft has really excelled. Brian Harry details the current stats, including 300,000 work items across 148 million files. Especially impressive (to me) is how transparent the company is – they detail the memory management issues they are having due to the server cache of over 5 million files putting a...