Steve Ballmer rocks da house in Sydney – invites


Steve Ballmer in SydneyYou probably already know that Steve Ballmer is coming to Sydney next month – Thursday 6 November from 3pm to be precise. If not, then check out this site.

I’m fortunate enough to have a few invites to the event (yes, it is invite only at this stage). If you’d like to attend simply drop me a line and I’ll send you the registration link and the invite code to use.

I’ve only got a few left so you’ll need to be quick, and once they’re gone that’s it I’m afraid.

Why would you want to attend?

Well, for starters he’s going to be giving a super-condensed review of all the goodness that happens at Microsoft PDC next week. He’ll be focusing on Software plus Services of course, outlining the details of how Microsoft plans to provide in that space. This is a premium opportunity to hear Microsoft’s strategy straight from the horses mouth top.

Next, he’s bringing along a few high calibre Microsoft execs to talk about specifics. Tim Sneath is an absolute legend, so hearing his viewpoint on Silverlight is a must see. Gianpaolo Carraro will be talking about Microsoft’s cloud strategy in more detail.

And finally, you want to be there so that you can ‘experience’ the phenomenon that is Steve Ballmer. He is amazing in person (I saw him in person at the MVP Summit earlier this year, and the audience were hanging on his every word).

This is definitely an event you want to attend.

How do you get in?

Contact me asap (make sure you include your email address) and I’ll get you an invite code.

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By Craig Bailey