SBTUG: Next Wed 29 Oct 2008 – SQL Server 2008 explained


Next Wednesday 29 October 2008 we’ve got a special SQL Server 2008 night at the Sydney Business & Technology User Group (SBTUG).

That means we’ve got Justin King, Omar Besiso and Geoff Orr talking about different aspects of SQL Server 2008. The focus is on covering high level benefits (ie there won’t be much in depth code). If we’re lucky we may even have a cameo from Rob Farley covering a few of the new Administrator benefits (but we’ll see).


When: Wed 29 October 2008NEW: Join the SBTUG group on LinkedIn

  • Time: 6pm (until approx 8:30pm)
  • Where: Microsoft, North Ryde
  • Contact: Craig Bailey : 0413 489 388
  • Cost: Free (Pizza all provided)
  • More details:
[Note: I’ve stated above that the meeting is free to attend. And it is! But for the first time I’ll be leaving a little tin to put in any donations towards the pizza. I pay for this out of my own pocket, and will continue to do so. But a few people have asked if they can contribute (and I’m very thankful to them) so that’s why the slight change. Feel free to leave nothing, a few dollars and/or a business card. Cheers!]



Besides our usual Technology News roundup, we’ve got 3 mini-sessions from three excellent SQL Server practitioners.

Here’s what they’re going to cover:

Justin King will be covering the benefits of SQL Server 2008 for Developers. He’ll be giving a rundown of some of the new tools and features that developers will love.

Omar Besiso will be covering SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. Consider this SQL for Managers. If you’ve used reporting services in SQL 2005, then you’ll be acheing to hear how the product team have completely revolutionised many parts. SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, if it wasn’t already there, is now a definite toolset for companies.

Geoff Orr will be discussing the Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehousing improvements in SQL Server 2008. You may want to think of this as SQL for Business Analysts. If you’ve been wondering what Analysis Services and MDX are then this is the session for you.

Each speaker only has 20 or minutes, plus time for questions, so it’ll be introductory at best, but it will certainly give you an important in sight into just how far this latest version of SQL Server has come, and how important it can be in your company environment.


Career advice

Plus! We have Greg Dwyer, a good recruiter friend of mine, coming along to chat for 10 minutes. He’ll be giving his thoughts on the current economic conditions and how this affects (and perhaps benefits) developers and software managers. Note: I approached him – so this isn’t some kind of annoying recruiter networking palava. I’m looking forward to this part, and suspect it will be of great interest to all attending.


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See you at SBTUG next week on Wed 29 October 2008.

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By Craig Bailey