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Not wanting to pick on anyone in particular, but I’ve heard the expression “it’s not rocket science” all week at TechEd, usually in the context of how easy it is now (as compared to previous versions of products) to build wonderful, enabling, awe-inspiring solutions to enterprise problems.

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly sure what rocket science was, but thankfully Wikipedia came to the clarification party yet again:

Rocket science is an informal term for aerospace engineering especially as it concerns craft which operate in outer space.

Due to the complexity and depth of this area of engineering (requiring mastery in subjects including mechanics (fluid mechanics, orbital mechanics, flight dynamics), mathematics, control engineering, materials science, aeroelasticity, avionics, reliability engineering, noise control and flight test), it is also informally used as a term to describe an endeavor requiring great intelligence or technical ability.

Whilst the tools are certainly getting better, I have to say that enterprise development is getting more and more like rocket science, with a complete range of specialists required on most large developments these days…

Is it just me that thinks this?

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By Craig Bailey