Scott Barnes and the RIA bridge


One thing I really like about Scott is that he doesn't hold back – he speaks his mind. At times you might resist a little too much bias, but this is a small cost compared to the value of his posts.

His latest post on RIA is long (too long probably), but important reading for those following the RIA debate (what debate? I hear you ask :-). Whilst he touts maturity (namely Microsoft's) as the key to RIA succeeding I wonder whether he is more on track when earlier he states:

RIA isn't about forms or emulating a desktop UI, it goes far beyond this.

That is Rich Interactive Application (RIA) shifting the paradigm…

Too true. Why do we focus on emulation (of the desktop), when we should be focusing on innovation? His Darwin reference is apt, RIA will be a significant evolution, we need to make a jump – not continue wandering down the same path.

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By Craig