RFID tags in prisoners


I wasn't going to resume posting to this link blog until next week, but this news item caught my eye and couldn't wait…

Those cur-a-zee guys in the UK government are talking about putting RFID tags in prisoners. That way they can track where the prisoners are, study patterns etc. Human rights groups are a little concerned of course and no doubt the discussion will get sidetracked along those grounds.

Interesting, one of the reasons put forward for the RFID tags is because the existing use of ankle tags is unreliable – 2000 people escaped by cutting them off.

The big question of course is whether western society's current rehabilitation programs are completely misguided and need to be re-thought entirely.

But, at least if the UK government gets its way, there may be a lot of work going to those BizTalk 2006 R2 experts.

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By Craig