Queensland launches digital drivers license app


Great that Queensland Government has launched an app for driver’s licenses.

Nice of them to say this

“We worked with our counterparts in other Australian states that have digital licences, to ensure we learnt from the way they developed and released their apps.

But odd to also say this:

“Queensland’s Digital Licence app will set the standard for mobile driver licence apps across Australia and the world.”

For context, NSW (where I live) launched our digital driver’s licence app in 2019, after a trial that started in 2017.

But South Australia launched their digital driver’s license in 2017. ie 6 years ago.

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking a technology is available in a country – it’s often managed by smaller pockets within. eg ‘Australia is so advanced… ummm, perhaps in some parts, but really slow in others.’

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By Craig Bailey