Pex – Test generation for .NET


Microsoft Research has a nice idea coming with its Pex dynamic unit test creation project. It aims to automatically generate unit tests based on your current code being developed. It sounds pretty cool.


But it begs the following parody 'tip'. So, here's a great idea for developing your own massive software empire:

1. Start with the seed of an idea

2. Start writing simple code

3. Fire up Pex and start generating unit tests

4. Customise a code generation tool such as CodeSmith to take the Pex output and generate further code

5. Feed this generated code into Pex, and generate further unit tests

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your code base is reaching a substantial size

7. You may need to tweak the generate code at each stage to ensure it is on the right path

8. Announce your new product

9. Announce IPO


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By Craig