PERSONAL: Welcome to 2008


I’ve had a nice two week break over the Christmas and New Year period. The first week was spent on chores, family events and generally unwinding. The second was spent reading and thinking, and catching up with a few close friends.

Now, I just need another week to do all those technology related projects I intended to get finish…

I decided to avoid email and blog reading over the break, which now means I have a ton of great posts to get through. I’m sure there’s been plenty of interesting news updates.

Instead I toyed with twitter a bit, but am still undecided on whether it is worthwhile or not…

The break is coming to an end – back to work tomorrow.

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  • Hi Craig
    Welcome back – I look forward to introducing you to more good coffee this year! Campos was good, but so is Allpress!

    I note you are still questioning the business benefits of Twitter (and I am too) however I would encourage you to listen to Stan Relihan’s interview with John Johnston, on TPN. John is a blogger and heavy user of Twitter and in this interview he articulates well how he uses this and other social networking and Web 2.0 tools in general. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

    URL is:


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