PERSONAL: Twin Cities update


So, life is interesting in Minneapolis currently. The last week has been very child focussed {g}. Jack (my newest nephew) and Jackie came home from hospital and are doing well.

I now have a great empathy for new parents. Not that I’ve had anywhere near the stress, joy, lack of sleep, concern, excitement and life that James and Jackie have had this last week, but I’ve certainly seen it first hand. What a rollcoaster ride of emotions they go through. The respect I have for them is very high.

We all got out of the apartment on Sunday afternoon and Michele and I spent a few hours shopping which was great (clothes and books). Not that we’ve been able to play Mall of America bingo yet, but we’ll be giving it good shot next weekend.

Myself, I had to get back to work on Sunday night (local time) and have an urgent quote to get finished by Wednesday, so there hasn’t been much more sight seeing as yet.

We’ve started putting some photo albums together on my Picasa site. Feel free to browse.

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By Craig Bailey