PERSONAL: Thankful


This past week started on a sad note. We were down in Canberra to attend a funeral for a good friend’s father who had been killed in a car accident.
After the funeral (then cremation service, then wake) we drove back to Sydney. We were exhausted after a long day. But we were so thankful for how fortunate we are compared to some. Lately there have been many around us undergoing difficult circumstances.
Just on Wednesday one of our our sister-in-laws has discovered she has breast cancer (the outlook is good btw – she has caught it early). Another friend has recently revealed her struggle with depression. And then there are friends coping with 2 disabled children (they only confirmed this year what the rare genetic condition was after suspecting for some time).
And through all of this, Michele and I are living charmed lives. We have good health, great friends, a lovely apartment, loving families, I have a fantastic job, and the list goes on. At times we start to feel guilty. How come we are so lucky? And why are so many others suffering so much?
Sure, who knows, this may all change in the blink of an eye, but for now I just want to express how thankful we are. As a Christian I believe that God is in control of this world, so I know that his blessings are bestowed when and on whom he chooses. All I really ask then, is that if he decides in his wisdom to change our circumstances significantly, that Michele and I still live thankful lives.

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By Craig Bailey