PERSONAL: Spreading car joy


I’m feeling pretty bad tonight. Tonight I scraped the side of one of James and Jackie’s cars against a concrete pillar. But in order to appreciate the ‘specialness’ of this event you need to know that a few weeks ago I scraped the side of their other car (against a neighbour’s car). Yep, in under 4 weeks I’ve managed to damage both of their cars.

They have been extremely understanding of both events and in practical terms the damage is minimal (photos here, and we’re off to the body shop tomorrow to determine the extent of the paint (and wallet) damage). But I’m feeling really bad. It’s not the money, or even the inconvenience. Rather, its the shake-up I’ve given myself. I’ve always thought of myself as an excellent driver (and not in the Rain Man way). I’ve only ever had one minor accident and that was over a decade ago. So, I just don’t consider myself to be the kind of driver that has the odd bingle. But here I am, and after a few weeks I’ve notched up two separate incidents. Sure, I’m driving on the other side of the road here, but that has only meant that I’ve been extra careful. Maybe I’ve been tooo careful? Maybe I’m trying tooooo hard. Anyways I’m sure it will all be forgotten in a week or so, but for tonight atleast I’m feeling a bit down.

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By Craig Bailey