PERSONAL: Getting ready to leave


Wow, those 6 weeks have flown by. Sadly, Michele and I are leaving Minneapolis tomorrow, returning home to Sydney.

It has been a fantastic time here, and although the time has gone quickly, so much has happened. When we arrived Jackie was very pregnant, and a week later she gave birth to a super healthy boy they named Jack. Jemma (Jack’s big 2.5 yo sister) has been an absolute joy, and it is heart-breaking to leave her.

We also managed to get a few days in New York, visited some sites around Eagan and downtown Minneapoolis, spent ‘days’ in Mall of America, and enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal with locals and family. Oh and I also managed to damage both of James and Jackie’s cars (btw we got a quote to fix the latest scratch – it came in at $944.17 – I felt like crying…). One of my highlights was meeting Craig Boyd last Saturday (I haven’t quite finished my blog post about this – so you’ll have to wait until next week for details) which was a great time. How inspiring is that guy? He’s amazing. 

And to top off our visit we had a lovely white New Year. Are we lucky or what?

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By Craig Bailey