PERSONAL: Off to Minnesota


Michele and I leave for Minnesota tomorrow for 7 weeks.

The last few weeks have been hectic for both of us. Michele finished her final Honours year exams last week and handed in her thesis on Happiness (you might remember this post earlier in the year). I’ve been finishing a few projects and preparing to leave the office for an extended break. (I’ll actually be working remotely for most of the time away, but it is nice to leave the office for once with an empty Outlook Inbox!). Plus we’ve had to pack up the place (my brother-in-law and family will be living here for a few weeks whilst we are away).

We’ll be in Minneapolis, staying with Michele’s sister’s family. They have just moved there (from Zurich) and are expecting their second baby. Our aim is to help them out as much as possible. But we’ll get out and travel for a week or two aswell.

I’ll be on the lookout for a VFP group… and Craig Boyd lives there too I understand (I need to convince him that Australia isn’t such a scary place to visit … except for the Drop Bears ofcourse :-)


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