MUSIC: Judges – the next demo track


Thought a few people might be interested in this demo track. You might know I’ve been playing with a bunch of guys for years now, and we’ve been (very slowly) getting some more songs together. Here’s a very rough demo (without any vocals) of one of our songs. I think it works well as an instrumental, and might even use it on a future OzFoxRocks.

For the record, I play drums in a band called Sexagesima. All our songs so far have been based on the book of Judges (in the bible). Being a drummer I typically just turn up and pretend to be useful whilst the other guys do all the clever stuff. The main talent, driver and musician in the band is Greg Smith. He is amazing. 

Disclaimer: This track (and a few more I’ll announce in the future) are very rough demos. We basically use these to lay down song structure and general ideas. So they haven’t been properly mixed and have had no production as yet. But since I am away on holidays for 7 weeks now, I wanted to get atleast one out there…

If anyone likes it and wants to use it as a backing track on something, just shoot me a line – we’d be more than happy for it to get used.

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By Craig Bailey