Mick Badran on BizTalk and Carbon footprints…


Mick’s post on his recent BizTalk RFID training course is great news of course, but the snippet that caught my eye was this. When talking about customer uptake of RFID, here’s the approach that got a good response. He quotes Scott Allen (a Microsoft Technical Specialist):

Scotty inspired me with his take on BizTalk RFID – he said "If you tell clients we’ve got a show on BizTalk RFID, they think they need to have supply chains and infrastructure – it becomes very specialised they feel. If you pitch BizTalk RFID at something around How to reduce the carbon footprint of your production line or increasing production efficiencies then the whole world comes running"

Yes, the green thing is really gaining momentum. No surprises there, but sadly, often thrown in as a last minute thought (or worse: a patronising email footer :-). What’s important is to to make real improvements. RFID is a perfect solution to many business processes, and can result in real environmental improvements.

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