Marketing skills for the future


From a guest author on Marketing Mag:

A successful marketer of the future understands the importance of data and insights in the context of consumer demands, but also recognises the limits of the team and embraces the technology available to them to solve these challenges with speed and efficiency.

Marketing Mag

Putting aside that the author works for an AI Martech tool, their following assertion is still on the money I think:

By utilising AI and machine learning, marketers can connect and unify fragmented data sources and gain access to a holistic view of real-time data to form insights that allow them to react to the ever-changing needs of the consumer. Marketers will embrace the end of manual data wrangling and Excel spreadsheets are out, and one single source of truth for all channels is in.

I’m all for efficiency so this resonates with me. And I do strongly believe that insight (ie not just data reporting) is what provides the higher value to CMOs and VPs today.

If you are in marketing, you can’t escape the need to report accurately and insightfully about your strategy.

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