Internet filtering in Australia


An interesting decision by our new Australian Government to put in place mandatory opt-out filtering on Australian ISPs.

Not that I particularly mind, since I've never really been worried about campaigning for free speech etc, etc, and I think protecting children from porn is probably a good idea. (Note: the filtering is only supposed to be to schools and houses – not businesses)

But what I'm wondering is: who asked for this? Which minority group managed to get this onto the Federal agenda? And how did it get the big tick of support that Senator Conroy (and Kim Beazley in the past) seems to be giving it?

How, when Australian businesses, enterprises, lobby groups, universities, and every other major institution in the country have been begging & pleading for the last 5 years to get our pathetic internet bandwidth and nationwide service to a point even vaguely resembling acceptable?

This is almost as laughable as when the ACCC started proceedings against Google for misleading advertising.

*shakes head in bewilderment*

(Other reactions: TechCrunch and here, Dave Lemphers, Michael Kordahi)

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By Craig