HubSpot Shenanigans


I’m in New York at the moment, for a HubSpot Asia Pacific meetup, before heading to Boston on Monday to attend Inbound 2015. It’s going to fun.

But I can’t help wondering how many distractions there are going to be at the conference. Take for example the latest news on the Mike Volpe saga, now looking to be a federal investigation (yes, always good to FBI into the headline). The news broke a month or two ago, but the timing of this latest update (3 days before the conference begins) is likely not happy news for the HubSpot team.

But that’s not going to be the main distraction. What’s going to be really interesting is the timing of the HubSpot keynote on Wednesday. The conference agenda has HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah take the stage at 2:45pm Boston time on Wed 9th. Which will be 11:45am in San Francisco. Where the Apple iPhone 6s event will be in full swing, and probably just getting to the part where Tim Cook and Craig Federighi (hopefully) are revealing the latest specs (or at least confirming what Mark Gurman has noted).

Should be interesting. I’m predicting that the wifi being provided at the HubSpot event is 90% bogged down with Apple related viewing.

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By Craig Bailey