HubShots 270


We’re back after a nice break.

Episode 270 is our first for 2022 and focuses on efficiency and effectiveness with HubSpot.

Ian and I chat through a bunch of tips and topics including:

  • Thoughts for 2022
  • Having perspective and avoiding distraction
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness with HubSpot
  • Using Version history on pages and emails to roll back to previous versions
  • Attribution reporting in Campaigns
  • Custom Object properties in Forms
  • Latest Source properties
  • Tips for Saving time with HubSpot Sales
  • Global Search is your friend
  • Saving Views with your preferred column layout
  • Speeding up the HubSpot Add-on in Outlook
  • Cancel and Reschedule Meetings links
  • Tailoring your HubSpot Notifications
  • Multi-step Custom Surveys
  • Enroll in Sequence Workflow action
  • Antifragility
  • Reducing LinkedIn Spam
  • Working with Mentors

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By Craig Bailey