Having a marketing mindset of openness


If you’re a marketer take a moment to stop and think about how you respond when someone (anyone!) suggests a new marketing idea, channel or (dare I say it) growth hack.

If your first response is to resist (as mine often is), then here’s a reminder to be more open.

Marketing is constantly changing, so you need to open to new ideas, new processes, new opportunities.

Sometimes the new idea can simply be: what worked previously no longer works – don’t trap yourself into relying on the same old tactics.

Often this means overcoming our own biases towards things we are comfortable with, or that we feel emotionally will work, even though they may not be backed up by data. It can be challenging.

That said, there’s a balance between doing just a few things well, versus trying everything.

So, make sure you have a ‘test and measure’ plan that is well spaced out, and you don’t run thin trying to do everything.

Some quick examples things to be open to:

  • LinkedIn versus Facebook
  • Google versus Bing
  • Instagram versus Twitter

Most companies (especially B2B) will happily embrace the first, but not the latter.

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By Craig Bailey