Grow with HubSpot Event in Sydney


HubSpot runs a bunch of events around the country each year (I’m specifically thinking of Australia, but it’s likely true in most countries). 

If you’re in Sydney, you may be interested in their next event. It’s on Tuesday 06 August, and you can get a 50% discount on tickets using this link.

Would I recommend attending?

I’ve thought about this a bit, and here’s my thoughts (especially since it costs money – previous years have been free) based on what I’ve seen in previous years (I’ve been to all of them to date):

  • if you’re after insight into current trends that HubSpot is seeing and promoting, then it’s a good overview
  • if you’re interested in being exposed to marketing leaders, then it’s a good fit
  • if you’re expecting to see demos of the HubSpot tools, then you’ll be disappointed – there’s surprisingly little focus on their products (the follow up nurtures are where you’ll be hit with that)
  • if you’re after deep, strategic insight into how you can excel as a marketer, then you’ll likely be underwhelmed. I’ve come away most years feeling like it was a nice snack, but not a substantial meal – but hey, it’s only a few hours, and I’m not their target attendee, so perhaps my expectations are unreasonable… 
  • if you want to mix with a ton of other marketers and meet key HubSpot people, then it’s a good event for that

That all said, I’ll be there again this year. If you’re attending, let me know, would love to catch up with you. I’m usually hiding over in the corner, in classic introvert style.

The agenda is here, and the discount link again is here.

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