COMMUNITY: CodeCampOz 2008 report


When: 25-27 April 2008

Where: Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

This has easily been the best CodeCampOz I’ve been to (and I’ve been to all of them :-). Mitch and Greg have done another stellar job organising this event. All of the sessions have been high quality and relevant. Big thanks to Microsoft, Readify, IT Masters, SSW and CSU for their involvement.

The Twitter coverage has been a highlight (view the Hashtags summary here), and meeting people who I’ve been following for a while has been a bonus. Photos have been put up on Flickr thanks to Roger.

As Angus has reported, we’ve got tons of ideas and suggestions to take back and implement at Elcom.

I’m not really one for gratuitous praise or for singling out people, but I have to say that during Paul Stovell’s session I had the distinct feeling we were in the presence of greatness…

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By Craig Bailey