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Voice UI is going to be everything. But not really.

This tweet from Benedict Evans sums it up for me:

If you think voice UIs are the future, verbally describe, aloud, everything you see and touch on your phone today.
— Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) January 12, 2017

Click through to read the replies to his tweet as well – people’s views are weird sometimes.

Snapchat Surgery

When I initially read about a surgeon using Snapchat Spectacles to livestream a surgery I was ready to take the piss. But it actually turns out to be fascinating. And useful – all his students could watch it on their phones.
Here’s the another he’s done – with context – which he posted on YouTube:

100 blocks a day

I like Tim Urban’s way of thinking about your day. You have 100 blocks of 10 minutes each.
What will you do with your blocks?
via Wait, But Why.
btw here’s Tim speaking at Inbound 2016:

How scientists use Slack

Not using Slack yet? If not, why not. Here’s how a science lab uses Slack to replace email and increase collaboration. When geneticist Daniel MacArthur checks into his lab, the first thing he does is fire up Slack, a workplace messaging app. In the system, he zips through the hundreds of messages and files left in different channels by the lab’s 23 scientists — some reporting on...

Black Friday Buyer’s Remorse

Is it just me, or does it seem as though for every one amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer you receive there’s two that give you buyer’s remorse: you purchased it previously and now you have an email slapping you in the face offering it for up to 80% less than you paid. Case in point: I purchased a HubSpot theme for $1200 earlier in the year. This morning I received an email...

Public transport

Every time I see a bus packed with people, I say a silent thank you to all of the passengers. I can’t help but think of this comparison: (via: Going Car Free) Taking public transport, even when it’s crowded, or rainy, or hot is a valuable contribution to society. If only more people did it when possible (I totally get that it’s often not feasible). We don’t need more...

Podcast intros need to die

When Die Hard 2 came out all those years ago, one of the wonderful things it did was skip the opening credits and just got straight into it. Opening credits though are still very much the norm, and although they can occasionally be a key part of the experience (eg James Bond credits) usually they are just annoying. Who wouldn’t choose to skip the credits if they were given the choice...

Ghostwriting thought leadership

A good piece by Lauren Ingram (at least I assume she wrote it :) on whether we need to start getting more transparent about the ghost writing that goes on in corporate content strategy. As you probably know much of the ‘thought leadership’ content produced by CEO and higher management in big enterprise is ghost written, often without any input or even signoff from them before it is...

That Dan Lyons book

Well played Dan, well played. “Instant New York Times Bestseller” pretty much sums it up. The book promotion tour for Disrupted is on and thus the pieces have been coming thick and fast over the past two weeks. Dharmesh has a calm response that I found impressive (disclaimer: Dharmesh is a personal hero of mine). Ian and I mentioned our thoughts on episode 29 of HubShots (towards the...