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Podcast intros need to die

When Die Hard 2 came out all those years ago, one of the wonderful things it did was skip the opening credits and just got straight into it. Opening credits though are still very much the norm, and although they can occasionally be a key part of the experience (eg James Bond credits) usually they are just annoying. Who wouldn’t choose to skip the credits if they were given the choice...

Ghostwriting thought leadership

A good piece by Lauren Ingram (at least I assume she wrote it :) on whether we need to start getting more transparent about the ghost writing that goes on in corporate content strategy. As you probably know much of the ‘thought leadership’ content produced by CEO and higher management in big enterprise is ghost written, often without any input or even signoff from them before it is...

That Dan Lyons book

Well played Dan, well played. “Instant New York Times Bestseller” pretty much sums it up. The book promotion tour for Disrupted is on and thus the pieces have been coming thick and fast over the past two weeks. Dharmesh has a calm response that I found impressive (disclaimer: Dharmesh is a personal hero of mine). Ian and I mentioned our thoughts on episode 29 of HubShots (towards the...

14 Job Interview Questions That Might Just Make You Sound Like You Are Trying Too Hard

Not sure if it is a cultural thing and questions like this are more applicable in US to here in AU, but if I was interviewing someone and they started peddling out questions like:
‘What behaviors does the member who struggles most on the team exhibit? Please give me an example.’
…I think I’d be more worried than impressed.
But question 8, that one’s much more like it.

Sony SmartEyeglass

So much gold here, as reported by VentureBeat and Re/code.
Sony’s new SmartEyeglass developer edition glasses seem like an April Fools video accidentally released a few weeks early.
My favourite comment is from Kenneth Li, editor in chief at Re/code:
It’s like wearing a kick-me sign. … And nothing says “future” like a HOCKEY PUCK.

Google Project Zero = Zero fucks given

Via BBC News: Google’s Project Zero seeks to find bugs in popular software and then give the manufacturers responsible 90 days to fix the problem. This bug, which affects Windows 8.1, was revealed by Google to Microsoft on 13 October 2014. On 11 January, Google publicised the flaw. Microsoft said it had requested that Google wait until it released a patch on 13 January. Read Chris...

Terrorpolitical football

Oh the lols, as reported by the New York Times on a comment by UK Prime Minister David Cameron: Mr. Cameron, who has started to campaign ahead of a national election in Britain in May, said his government, if elected, would ban encrypted online communication tools that could potentially be used by terrorists if the country’s intelligence agencies were not given increased access. and “Are we going...

How to survive the robot age

Just spout bullshit: Be a multi-disciplinary, insatiably curious person who knows how to use the tools to model ideas and create prototypes. Possessed of an open mind and few fixed ideas about how things should be done, you nonetheless have a strong conscience and can operate outside of your comfort zone to achieve win-win outcomes. You are known for your integrity and resilience. (via: The...

Jeff Bezos will never win

An illuminating article about Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Fire Phone fiasco. Well worth a read. Will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next 5 years. If Amazon do get a future version of the phone right (and all indications are that they are continuing to invest heavily in R&D for it), then this period will be looked back on as being valuable learning, and a tribute to...

Dan Lyons Bloody Predictions

Hindsight is always easy, which makes the first part of this post pretty lame. But the forward-looking predictions are pretty spot on I think. The closing remarks about the impending crash are what resonate most though: And now the stock market is hitting all-time highs, and Facebook is trading at 72 times earnings, and Twitter has a $20 billion market cap even though it is losing huge amounts of...

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