Apple Pay is really new and amazing for some people

I used Apple Pay this morning in a shop and the girl behind the counter was amazed by it. She wanted to know all about it and how it worked. She was young and tech savvy and yet this was an entirely new (and massively cool) concept for her. If you have an AMEX and have had Apple Pay for a while you’ll likely find this strange – to you paying with Apple Pay is probably so routine...

Netflix launches Fast but should really call it Random

Netflix released their own stripped down version of SpeedTest called Fast – here try it now. I don’t know if it’s indicative of how bad our internet connection is or what, but it seems that every time I try it I get a vastly different speed result. In the last few minutes my speeds have ranged from 1.2 Mbps through to 25 Mbps with no discernible pattern. I tried it on my phone...

Remote working and company culture

This piece by David Niu on Entrepreneur made me think. In it he outlines his view that remote working inhibits company culture. He notes his own views: I firmly believe that a strong company culture determines your success, and you can’t have a strong culture without people working together in an office setting. and A strong workplace culture is an organization’s No. 1 competitive advantage...

Techmeme de-clickbait-ifying

Techmeme is the first thing I check every morning. It’s my window to the tech world. One of things I really appreciate is their human editing of headlines. Not only do they de-clickbaitify, but they also add details that help to communicate the real story. Here’s a story from The Verge: Apple updates iTunes with a ‘simpler’ design that doesn’t really help And...

Podcasting thoughts I agree with

I liked Marco Arment’s thoughts about Apple’s dominant position in the podcast world. It was a response to this NYT article. Speaking about Apple’s role in podcasting Marco writes: Apple has only ever used its dominant position benevolently and benignly so far, and as the medium has diversified, Apple’s role has shrunk. The last thing podcasters need is for Apple to increase its...

Facebook News Curation Algorithm Training

In this Gizmodo piece on Facebook’s trending news curation project we find out that:

Facebook hired a bunch of contractors (likely out-of-work journalists)
to do basic curation of trending news items
worked them really hard
replaced most of them with an algorithm

TL;DR Technology progress happened. As usual. No one is surprised.
See also John Gruber’s take.

It’s not just Australia that has fucked internet

Here’s an all too common example of political incompetence and bungling when it comes to technology and infrastructure planning. And I thought it was just the NBN that had issues – at least we’ve got something rolling (albeit limping) out… Of course The Backburner nails it in a piece that you’d be forgiven for thinking was all too real: The Turnbull Government has...

Telstra Pricing

I’ve been in the US for the last two weeks. Before I left I purchased a Telstra 14 Day Travel Pass. It worked out well, because it ran out when I was at the airport about to head home. Here’s the text message I got (the second message is the item of interest): Basically, since I was a Travel Pass customer I was going to now pay 3c per MB. At this price I’m assuming Telstra still...

Twitter: The poster child of technology inefficiency

You should read this post from Eugene Wei (no really, go read it) and consider it in terms of inefficiency. Think back to when Twitter first started. By the time you and I were getting involved, it’s likely the need for the SMS limited character limitation was long gone. Only the earliest of early adopters would have actually been around when it was in fact needed. But the character...

Finally using an ad blocker

I’ve resisted using an ad blocker for years, since: I don’t mind ads Especially if they are personalised (as most ads are now). And I’m happy for ads to track me all over the web if it means I get a better ‘ad experience’ I realise many sites rely on ads as their business model If it weren’t for them showing ads I wouldn’t get access to many of the useful...

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