SitePoint HTML and CSS References

You’ve no doubt used SitePoint before. So I probably don’t need to tell you about their excellent CSS Reference. And it’d be silly to think you don’t also know about their freshly released HTML Reference. Great resources.
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On reducing spam

Alan Lee gives an overview of how we reduced our spam email count here at Elcom. Interestingly, Alan found that 95% of all our email was spam – a figure that matched with reports I mentioned earlier in the year. The numbers: In the first week of implementing the changes we blocked 206,563 emails out of a total of 217,768 emails. Alan sent me an internal email with calculations of the cost...

XML turns 10 – Happy Birthday

XML turned 10 years old on10 Feb. I remember working on a project back in the very late 90s (can't be sure when but it was using SQL 7.0) and we decided to use XML as a mechanism for storing certification results (so yes, we were using XML in SQL 7.0 – quite an achievement in itself). Towards the end of the project our boss at the time (he left the company a year or so later) pronounced...

Mesh networks coming to Sydney

Last year the wonderful Laurel Papworth blew us away at SBTUG with a presentation on Social networking. In the course of her presentation she mentioned the whole mesh network concept (eg Meraki). I truly had tingles down my spine when I heard about the concept. Thanks to Laurel for this post in which she highlights the news of mesh networks coming to Sydney real soon. See Technorati Tags: Mesh...


Seems like Microsoft is having a V Day, every day. Here's a run down of the main V technologies/tools: VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) Firstly, Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2008 (the current version) is Microsoft's IDE for building .NET based applications, be they Web, Desktop, Device or Microsoft Office based. Visual Studio comes in a number of different versions, grouped into three...

Silly money continues to flow

When will the correction finally come? We've seen no end of silly money being thrown around by Venture capital companies of late, and now it seems that Google and Facebook are chasing grad students with fistfuls of cash. $95K for a grad student with no experience is crazy talk, but the comments on the post seem to support the claim. Sadly this just perpetuates an unrealistic industry that...

Chris Sainty on LINQ to SQL

Chris Sainty has a series of excellent posts on LINQ to SQL.
Start here, and the just subscribe to his blog for the updates (11 of them so far if you include his post on Extension Methods).
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TECHNOLOGY: Security, email and SPAM

Reading through Australia’s IT news roundup over the last few weeks has been illuminating. Security Take security exploits and spam for example. This reminder on SQL exploits welcomed us back to the new year, alongside this note about how 70K web pages were hacked in a single week. And a new take on the hijacking side things was scary (but inventive): the printer hijacking method. Or...

Domain name shenanigans

The news earlier this month about Network Solutions automatically registering any domain you search for on their site has been universally condemned. And rightly so. Supposedly providing a service, but actually reducing service for your (potential and existing) customers is only ever going end up with reduced market share. I first read about it on TechCrunch, and then saw Joe's analysis. (It...

Google, Wikipedia and China

Three interesting things happened last week. First up, Wikipedia turned 7 years old. Happy Birthday Wikipedia. Wikipedia was and is the world's first open source encyclopedia, and remains one of the top 10 most visited sites in the world. Big things happen slowly. Second though, Google hit 600USD. This, after hitting a high of 747USD last November. Big things happen quickly. Finally, China...

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