CLARITY: Flash versus Flex versus Silverlight

Summary: Flex is to Adobe as Silverlight is to Microsoft Silverlight is often referred to as Microsoft's version of Flash, however it is more correct to say it is Microsoft's version of Flex. You could say the following… Silverlight 1.0 = Flash Silverlight 2.0 = Flex [UPDATE: Silverlight 1.1 has been re-branded as Silverlight 2.0] Here's a very basic comparison of Flex and...

CLARITY: SharePoint – WSS versus MOSS

There's still plenty of confusion out there about SharePoint, particularly around what is included in WSS versus MOSS. Part of the problem is that there is soooo much information about SharePoint that the simple details get lost… So, let's go through the various options, comparing WSS with MOSS Standard and MOSS Enterprise as simply as possible. I'll exclude technicalities (eg...

CLARITY: Microsoft is a marketing company

Not wanting to be too much of 'well duh' post, but I thought it was worth reminding ourselves that in software we need to be focusing extensively on marketing and sales. It all too easy to get caught up in the development, to the detriment of the marketing. I've (finally) finished 'Partnering with Microsoft' by Ted Dinsmore and Edward O'Connor. It's a little dry, and...

CLARITY: SaaS versus S+S

If, like me, you'd just assumed that Software + Services (S+S) was Microsoft's way of trying to take over and re-brand an existing concept – namely Software as a Service (SaaS) – then the following diagram is a helpful corrective. It's taken from page 18 of Issue 13 of the Architecture Journal (download here), and is a nice overview of how S+S and SaaS relate to each other...

SEO: Jargon list

Useful: A Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Jargon (from SEOmoz)
My favorite:

Google bowling Maliciously trying to lower a sites rank by sending it links from the “bad neighborhood” – Kind of like yelling “Good luck with that infection!” to your buddy as you get off the school bus – there is some controversy as to if this works or is just an SEO urban myth.